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  •    You can expect a treatment regimen specifically tailored to your personal needs.

  •    You can expect to leave with understanding of your condition and the plan towards improvement of your condition.

  •    You will find an environment of warmth, compassion and genuine caring.

  •    You can expect to be listened to AND heard.

  •    You can expect to find an advocate for your health care needs and for your well being.

  •    You can expect homework.

  •    You can expect to find support and encouragement to help you meet your goals!

Meet Our Staff

One of the reasons I decided to open my own physical therapy clinic was my desire to provide effective quality care to those suffering from musculoskeletal conditions.  Offering good and effective services was a given. It should be expected and should be the right of everyone who is ever a patient in any health care setting.  In my mind, I envisioned so much more then that. I envisioned an environment wholly conducive to healing and growth. I envisioned a place where patients were empowered, where they could learn the many ways that they could help themselves eliminate their aches and pains. I believe that when people walk through the door at Trinity Physical Therapy they sense this is an environment for healing.  

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